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TV Patrol Chavacano
Tan Patrol y Ta Sirvi Masquin Donde
Created by ABS-CBN Regional Network Group
Presented by Jewel Mendoza-Reyes
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Zamboangueño Chavacano
Executive producer(s) Queenie Casimiro
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel ABS-CBN TV-3 Zamboanga (1995-present)
Original release January 16, 1995 (as TV Patrol Zamboanga)
(as TV Patrol Chavacano 2005-present)

TV Patrol Chavacano is the local news program of ABS-CBN Regional Network Group in Zamboanga Peninsula aired on ABS-CBN TV-3 Zamboanga and simulcast on TV-10 Jolo and on radio via MOR 98.7 Zamboanga For Life!. TV Patrol Chavacano delivers news from Zamboanga City and the western Mindanao area (Zamboanga Peninsula region). Jewel Reyes is the main anchor of this newscast.

While other TV Patrol versions in Mindanao aired either in Cebuano (the native tongue spoken mostly in Mindanao island) or in Tagalog (as in the cases of TV Patrol Socsksargen and TV Patrol Central Mindanao), TV Patrol Chavacano is TV Patrol's only edition in Mindanao that uses different language in Zamboangueño Chavacano, Zamboanga's native and official language based from Spanish.

It is aired live daily from the ABS-CBN Zamboanga at 5:15 PM, from Monday to Friday. It is simulcast on radio via MOR 98.7 Zamboanga For Life!.


When the newscast was launched on January 16, 1995 on DXLL-TV, it was first known as "Chavacano TV Patrol". First anchored by Irene Covarrubias and Roland Ramos, the studios of TV Patrol has lack of broadcast equipments since the network was newly transferred to the old PBS studios. From that date up to 2004, the news was ended with Zamboangueño Chavacano quotes or sayings (translated to English) called El Refran del Dia.

The newscast renamed into "TV Patrol Chavacano" in 1996. Hoy Gising! segment was aired on this newscast. Other news portions were Chavacano Starnews and Editorial by Reynerio Candido, who was later the main anchor. The same year, broadcast facilities for TV Patrol Chavacano were upgraded. Thus it was seen live.

When Ramos left the newscast in 1997, he was replaced by Butch Bustamante, who joined Irene Cobarrubias until her departure in 1999. Jennifer Villanueva joined the newscast in 2000 along with Bustamante and Candido.

Butch Bustamante left the newscast in 2001 to run for a seat in the Zamboanga City council, as well as Reynerio Candido three years later. Candido also ran successfully for a seat in the Zamboanga City council in 2004. Villanueva left the newscast in 2006 as she was replaced by Jewel Mendoza-Reyes.

In January 2014, Reyes is joined by Darla Laude, but left a month later.

In January 12, 2015, the program celebrated its 20th anniversary and inserted a "20" to its title card.

Area of Coverage[edit]


  • Na Encabesamiento del Maga Noticias
  • Ronda Patrol
  • Star Patrol
  • Asunto
  • Weather Weather Lang

Former segments[edit]

  • Hoy Gising!
  • Editorial
  • El Refran del Dia
  • Bantay Bata 163
  • Tiangge Patrol
  • Sports Patrol

Current Anchor[edit]

  • Jewel Mendoza-Reyes (2006-)

Current Reporters[edit]

  • Queenie Casimiro (1999-) - Sit-in anchor
  • RJ Rosalado (2005-)
  • Leizel Lacastesantos (2011-)
  • Raiza Dapilin (2014-)
  • Noning Antonio (2014-)

Past Reporters and Anchors[edit]

  • Jenny Villanueva (anchor, 2000–2007)
  • Butch Bustamante (1997–2001)
  • Reynerio Candido (1996 as Editorial segment host; 1997-2004 as anchor)
  • Irene Cobarrubias (1995–1999)
  • Zorayda Edris (1996–2007)
  • Annie Gacayan (1995–1997)
  • Roland Ramos (1995–1997)
  • Kathleen Covar (2010)
  • Ferdie de Castro La Paz (1995–2005)
  • Lulu Gerolaga (1995–2002)
  • Boy "Nhap" Directo (showbiz reporter)
  • Leila Vicente (1999-2011) - now a desk editor at ABS-CBN Manila
  • David Santos - now a desk editor at Solar News
  • Ronald Lamata (2012-2013)
  • Kristine Perez (2013)
  • Darla Laude (2013-2014,anchor-2014)


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