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TV Scout
Type Digital broadcast television network
Branding TV Scout
Country United States
Availability National (not available in all markets)
Slogan Your viewer's scout for what's on television.
Parent Broadcast Television Group
Established February 22, 2012 (2012-02-22)
Launch date
September 26, 2013 (2013-09-26)

TV Scout was an Austin, Texas, based Digital subchannel owned by Broadcast Television Group LLC.[1]

As a multicast network, TV Scout aired a non-interactive program grid. The grid listed the over-the-air station and its sub-channels in numerical order over a two-hour span and could include a station logo.[2]

The network began dropping affiliates due to financial distress and began winding down operations. As of September 2015, KVHF-LD was the only Affiliate left to be carrying the Network; however, by mid-2016, KVHF began carrying a different on-screen TV Guide by Ventura Broadcasting Company.

Former Affiliates[edit]

DMA Market Call Sign Channel Notes
4 Philadelphia WWJT-LP 7.1 Replaced by Soul of the South Network
17 Denver KLPD-LD 28.5 Removed February 2015
22 Portland KWVT-LD 17.2 Removed February 2015
29 Nashville WJDE-LD 31.4 Replaced by Soul of the South Network, then replaced HSN, then replaced with Infomercials. Currently with Decades.
33 Salt Lake City KPDR-LD 19.4 Replaced by Biz TV
49 Louisville WWJS-CD 45.6 Replaced by ShopHQ
55 Fresno KVHF-LD 4.1 Replaced by VBC TV Guide in 2016
67 Wichita KCTU-LD 43.4 Replaced by The Works
93 Baton Rouge WLFT-CD 30.3 Replaced by Get-TV
121 Eugene KWVT-LD 17.3 Removed February 2015


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