TV Tennis Electrotennis

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TV Tennis Electrotennis
TV Tennis Electrotennis.jpg
Also known asTV Tennis, Electrotennis
ManufacturerEpoch Co.
TypeDedicated home video game console
GenerationFirst generation
Release dateSeptember 12, 1975
Introductory price19,000 Japanese yen
Units soldCa. 10,000
Units shippedUnknown
SuccessorTV Game System 10

The TV Tennis Electrotennis (Japanese: テレビテニス,[1] Hepburn romanzination: Terebitenisu, meaning Television Tennis,[2] commonly abbreviated as TV Tennis or Electrotennis) is a dedicated first-generation home video game console that was released by Epoch Co. on September 12, 1975[1][2] for 19,000 Japanese yen.[2] It was the first video game console ever released in Japan.[1][2]

It released several months before the release of Home Pong in North America. One unique feature of the TV Tennis Electrotennis is that the console is connected wirelessly to a TV, functioning through an UHF antenna.[3] It sold about 10,000 units,[2] including about 5,000 units in the first year.[citation needed] The successor of the TV Tennis Electrotennis is the TV Game System 10 from 1977.


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