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TV kalendar (English: TV Calendar) is a daily historical documentary television series produced and broadcast by Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT). Running continuously since 1976 and spanning more than 12,000 episodes, it is one of the HRT's most enduring television programs.[1]

The first episode of TV kalendar was aired by Radio Television Zagreb, then part of Yugoslav Radio Television, on January 3, 1976.[1] Its original concept of a daily 10-minute almanac that covered anniversaries of important historical events, as well as anniversaries of notable births and deaths, was kept virtually unchanged throughout the years.

From 1976 to 1986 TV kalendar was jointly edited by Obrad Kosovac and Vladimir Fučijaš, leading a small team of collaborators. Fučijaš then became the sole editor until his retirement in 2001, when Kosovac returned to the editorial position.[2] Kosovac retired at the end of 2010, and was succeeded by Vladimir Brnardić, a historian.[3]

TV kalendar used to be shown at 19:15 — just before the evening news — garnering high ratings, but has since been rescheduled to a less popular morning time slot.[4] As of 2010, it is aired at 6:40, with a 12:15 repeat.


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