TWA Flight 843

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TWA Flight 843
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L-1011-385-1 (N11002)
Accident summary
Date July 30, 1992
Summary Aborted takeoff, pilot error, engine fire, maintenance error, instrument malfunction[1]
Site John F. Kennedy International Airport
Passengers 280
Crew 12
Fatalities 0
Injuries (non-fatal) 10
Survivors 292 (all)
Aircraft type Lockheed L-1011
Operator Trans World Airlines
Registration N11002[2]
Flight origin JFK Airport, New York City, United States
Destination San Francisco Airport, San Francisco, United States

TWA Flight 843 (TW843, TWA843) was a Trans World Airlines passenger flight that crashed after an aborted takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York) to San Francisco International Airport (California) in July 1992. Despite an intense fire after the crash, the crew was able to evacuate all 280 passengers from the aircraft. There was no loss of life, though the aircraft was destroyed by the fire.

The NTSB attributed the crash to pilot error and TWA training and maintenance issues.[1] According to the report, the take-off was improperly aborted by the captain shortly after liftoff, due to the erroneous activation of the stick-shaker stall warning device, when in fact the aircraft was performing normally and could have taken off safely. The extremely hard landing, after the plane gained only 16 feet (4.9 m) in altitude, caused damage to the right wing, spilling fuel which was then ingested into the engines and started the fire.[1]

In addition to the nine flight attendants on board, there were five additional off-duty flight attendants who assisted in the evacuation. Although only three of eight exit doors were available for use, the evacuation was completed within two minutes.[1]

Oakland rapper Saafir was a passenger on the plane and injured his back while jumping to the ground, which eventually made him a wheelchair user.[3]

Comedian and actor Anthony Steven Kalloniatis was working as a flight attendant on board at the time and has referenced this crash in his stand up.[citation needed]

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