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This article is about the London taxis. For the camera, see Canon PowerShot TX1. For the video game, see TX-1.
Wetzikon - Bahnhofstrasse - Wildbach 2010-07-01 12-24-20 ShiftN savagely cropped.jpg
Manufacturer LTI
Production 1997–2002
Body and chassis
Body style 4-door saloon
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive
Engine Nissan TD27 I4 diesel
Predecessor Austin FX4
Successor LTI TXII

TX1 is a Hackney carriage (London "Black cab") introduced by London Taxis International in 1997 and designed to replace the ageing FX4. Most are powered by a diesel engine from Nissan, a relationship which began in late FX4s. In 2002 it was replaced by the TXII, which used the Ford Duratorq engine as found in the Ford Transit, Mondeo, and Land Rover Defender.

TX1 in Salesforce livery

Unlike modernistic van-shaped experimental cabs, the body was designed to recall several distinctive styling cues of the FX4. Upon completion, it was submitted to cab drivers for their approval and won their acceptance as sufficiently maintaining the spirit of the London cab.

The improved interior has allowed certain after-market additions to be made to vehicles such as the Cabvision technology.


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