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TZU - Melbourne BDO 2006.JPG
TZU (Joelistics, left, and Seed MC, right) performing at the Melbourne Big Day Out in 2006
Background information
Origin Melbourne, Australia
Genres Australian hip hop
Years active 1999–present
Labels Liberation
Members Joelistics a.k.a. Joel Ma (vocals, guitar, bass)
Seed MC a.k.a. Countbounce a.k.a. Phillip Norman (vocals, guitar, bass)
Paso Bionic a.k.a. Shahab Tariq (turntables)
Yeroc a.k.a. Corey McGregor (drums, samplers)
Duzy What a.k.a. Dustin (keys)[1]

TZU (pronounced Tee Zed Yoo) is an Australian hip hop group, formed in Melbourne, Victoria. TZU uses instruments in live performances, giving their shows a rock-infused feeling.[2]



The group formed in 1999 as a side project, combining members of the groups Curse ov Dialect and Pan. The name TZU is taken from the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu. The band name was thought of and Gifted to TZU by Lee Hartney from The Smith Street Band. The band originally called itself "Tzu" (pronounced tsoo), but changed its name due to the common mispronunciation of "T-Z-U".[3] In 2005, keyboard player, Duzy What,[1] was added to the group's lineup.


TZU has received regular Triple J airplay of Position Correction and Smiling at Strangers.[4] In early 2006, they won Yahoo! Music's "Who's Next" monthly music poll.[5]


The group has performed at festivals such as the Big Day Out, Falls Festival, MS Fest and the Meredith Music Festival, in addition to smaller shows.

Awards and nominations[edit]


Media criticism[edit]

  • "Melbourne group TZU just can't stop upping the ante ... They meld classic eighties electro with the more traditional funk keeping the emphasis on authenticity and class throughout." - Rolling Stone Australia magazine (2008)[citation needed]
  • "Computer Love is full of old school synth's , masterful sampling and live instrumentation - a maverick in its field and release that will set a new standard for the Australian music landscape." - Inpress (2008)[citation needed]
  • "The four piece aren't your stereo typical hiphop outfit - Think laid back vibes and rhymes... Expect good times and a party atmosphere." - The Sun-Herald (2008)[citation needed]

Richard Kingsmill, Musical Director of Australian radio station, triple j, stated in regard to the band 2008 J Award nomination for Computer Love: "They open their album saying "TZU still feelin' awesome". I couldn't agree more. They keep growing as an act and expanding on their influences. This album has so much life and they're doing all this themselves. No mentors, producers or anyone getting in the way. Pure talent."[8]



"Cover up motel" is an anagram of "computer love" and the album of the same name features remixes of all of the tracks from Computer Love by the group's favourite Australian artists and producers. Remixers included M-phazes, Hermitude, Plutonic Lab, Trials (Funkoars) and Blue King Brown.[10]


  • um... just a liddlbidova mic check EP (2001)
  • Limited Edition Tour Promo EP (2003)
  • Dam Busters EP EP (2003)
  • In Front of Me EP (2005)


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