T & G Building, Brisbane

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T & G Building
Wreath-and-plaque and T-&G Building.jpg
World War II memorial on the ground floor of the building, showing wreath and plaque and an old photograph of the T & G Building
T & G Building, Brisbane is located in Australia
T & G Building, Brisbane
T & G Building in Australia Map
General information
Town or city Brisbane
Country Australia
Coordinates 27°28′11.08″S 153°01′32.40″E / 27.4697444°S 153.0256667°E / -27.4697444; 153.0256667Coordinates: 27°28′11.08″S 153°01′32.40″E / 27.4697444°S 153.0256667°E / -27.4697444; 153.0256667

The T & G Building stands on the corner of George Street and Albert Street in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.[1]

Close-up of the plaque

The original building stood from 1923 to 1966.[1] It was taken over by Lieutenant Robert Melloy of the Hirings Section, No. 1 Lines of Communication (No. 1 L of C), Australian Army, and was occupied from 20 February 1943 to 31 December 1944.[1] The tenants of the building resisted the occupation, led by a Doctor Streeter, and they formed a committee to submit a protest to the Federal Government.[1] Lt. Melloy agreed to help them submit their protest, on the condition that they vacate the premises immediately a decision was made. Two hours after submitting their protest, Lt. Melloy received orders to proceed with the military occupation of the building. Upon being advised by Lt. Melloy of the outcome, Dr. Streeter was one of the first to leave the building.[1] The building was used as the Headquarters for the US Army Forces in the Far East.[1]

Today the building houses a variety of businesses, including a doctors' surgery,[2] and a hairdressing salon.[3] Other businesses include a watch repairer and taxation accountant.

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