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T & G building in Geelong

The T & G Building is a distinctive building in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. It is located on the corner of Moorabool and Ryrie Streets.

Construction was announced by the T & G Mutual Life Assurance Society in June 1933, partly with the idea of stimulating employment while Geelong was still suffering the effects of the Great Depression.[1] The building cost ₤37,000 ($74,000) and was completed in 1934.

In June 1934 the unique 'Father and Son' clock was switched on.[2] As well as having the usual four clock faces at the top of the tower, the mechanism includes two life-sized cast bronze figures of a farmer and his son, in typical period farm-workers' dress, who emerge from a window in the south side of the upper section the tower and strike the hour on large bell they are both holding. They symbolise a father handing over responsibility to his son, and urging him to continue the good work.[3]

By the mid-1990s the building had fallen into disrepair, the clock was unreliable, and the Father and Son no longer appeared to strike the hour. A public campaign led by the Geelong Advertiser resulted in the repainting of the building and the clock being repaired.

Much of the ground floor was vacant during 2012,[4] but the building was bought and restored by Dean Montgomery and his brother.[5] In mid-2014, it was purchased by Deakin University to use as student accommodation.[6] The conversion of the building into 33 studio apartments and common areas was commissioned to Studio 101 Architects in Geelong and built by Nicholson Construction.

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