T Antliae

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T Antliae
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Antlia
Right ascension 09h 33m 50.85888s[1]
Declination −36° 36′ 56.7458″[1]
Apparent magnitude (V) 9.26[2]
Spectral type F6 Iab[citation needed]
Variable type Cepheid
Parallax (π)1.02 ± 1.49[1] mas
Distance7498 ly
(2300[citation needed] pc)
Mass3? / 0.7 M
Rotation~9 km/s
Age~79 Million years
Other designations
T Ant, HIP 46924, SAO 200500, CD−36° 5776
Database references

T Antliae (also abbreviated T Ant) is a Cepheid variable star 2.3 kiloparsecs away from the Sun in the constellation of Antlia. A yellow-white supergiant with a spectral type of F6Iab, it ranges between apparent magnitude 8.88 and 9.82 over a period of 5.89820 days.[3]

Stellar system[edit]

The F-type supergiant also forms a binary system with an unseen stellar companion with putative mass of 70% Solar mass. Such a stellar component could likely take 42.4 years to complete its orbit around the Cepheid (semimajor axis around 10.8 Astronomical Units).[4]


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Coordinates: Sky map 09h 33m 50.86s, −36° 36′ 56.8″