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Central Hall, home of the T. F. Much Ballroom

The T. F. Much Ballroom was a music and cultural institution in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia). It was started up by a small group of social activists to raise money for a Carlton youth club. Performers included the wizard-like magician Jeff Krozier (Crozier), the great Blues and Soul Diva Wendy Saddington and Australia's first synthesiser performer Steve Dunstan.[1]

The full name of the venue was the Too Fucking Much Ballroom, although it was usually abbreviated. Later incarnations included the Much More Ballroom, and Stoned Again.[2]

Bands which made a name for themselves at Ballroom events include Daddy Cool in 1970-71. Other bands to play there included Spectrum, Indelible Murtceps (a Spectrum offshoot, with 'Murtceps being 'Spectrum' in reverse), Tamam Shud, and many more.

The building where these events took place, Central Hall, is now part of the Australian Catholic University's St. Patrick campus. The original ballroom still exists, and is used for important university functions.[1][3]

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