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TA or ta may refer to:

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  • Tāʾ, the sixteenth letter of the Arabic alphabet
  • Ta (kana), the た or タ kana in the Japanese language
  • Ta (Javanese) (ꦠ), a letter in the Javanese script
  • Ṭa (Indic), the eleventh consonant of Indic abugidas
  • Ta (Indic), the sixteenth consonant of Indic abugidas


Science and technology[edit]

Biology, medicine, and psychology[edit]

Physics and chemistry[edit]

  • Tantalum ("Ta"), chemical element 73
  • Tera-ampere or terampere, an SI unit of electric current equal to 1012 Amperes
  • Thermal analysis, a group of techniques that study the relationship between a sample property and its temperature
  • Titratable acidity, an approximation of total acidity

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