Ta' Dmejrek

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Ta' Dmejrek
Dingli - Fifla.jpg
View of Filfla and the Mediterranean Sea from Ta' Dmejrek.
Highest point
Elevation253 m (830 ft)
Prominence253 m (830 ft)
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates35°50′45″N 14°23′49″E / 35.84583°N 14.39694°E / 35.84583; 14.39694Coordinates: 35°50′45″N 14°23′49″E / 35.84583°N 14.39694°E / 35.84583; 14.39694
Ta' Dmejrek is located in Malta
Ta' Dmejrek
Ta' Dmejrek
LocationSiġġiewi, Malta

Ta' Dmejrek is the highest point of Malta, located on the Dingli Cliffs, with an elevation of 253 metres (830 ft) above sea level.[1]

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