Beneath the Twilight

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Beneath the Twilight / Ta'n Dooid Cheet
Emma christian.jpg
Studio album by Emma Christian
Released 1994
Recorded 1994
Genre Celtic music, Manx
Length 44' 15"
Label Manx Celtic Productions
Producer Steve Coren

Beneath the Twilight (also known as Ta'n Dooid Cheet, its Manx title) is the 1994 first CD album by Emma Christian, a singer and musician who is a rare exponent of folk songs in the Manx language. The album was recorded at R. G. Jones in July 1994, produced by Steve Coren and engineered by Ben Robbins.

Track listing (English titles in parentheses, where applicable)[edit]

  1. "Mannanan"
  2. "Three Eeasteyyn Boghty (Three Poor Fishermen)"
  3. "Gheay Jeh'n Aer (The Sea Invocation)"
  4. "Berree Dhone"
  5. "Ushag Veg Ruy (Little Red Bird)"
  6. "Arrane Ben-Vlieaun (Song of the Milkmaid)"
  7. "Ny Kirree Fo Sniaghtey (The Sheep Under The Snow)"
  8. "O Kirree T'ou Goll Dy Faagail Mee (O Kirree, Thou Wilt Leave Me)"
  9. "Oikan Ayns Bethlehem (Birth in Bethlehem)"
  10. "Shooyl Inneenyn (Dance of the Girls)"
  11. "Lament of the Duchess of Gloucester"
  12. "Vreeshey, Vreeshey (Invocation to Saint Bridget)"
  13. "Mylecharaine's March"
  14. "O My Graih (O My Love)"
  15. "Padjer Colum Keeiley (Invocation to Saint Columba)"
  16. "Arrane Saveenagh (Slumber Song)"
  17. "Arrane Ghelbee (Song of Dalby)"
  18. "Arrane Oie Vie (The Goodnight Song)"


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