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Restaurant information
Established 2012 (Spring Street location)
2005 (original location)
Current owner(s) Einat Admony and Stefan Nafziger
Chef Einat Admony
Food type Israeli vegetarian; falafel
Street address 45 Spring Street (on the corner of Mulberry Street), in NoLita in Manhattan
City New York City
County New York
State New York
Postal/ZIP Code 10012
Country United States
Coordinates 40°43′19″N 73°59′46″W / 40.722041°N 73.99616°W / 40.722041; -73.99616Coordinates: 40°43′19″N 73°59′46″W / 40.722041°N 73.99616°W / 40.722041; -73.99616
Seating capacity 17[1]
Reservations Not accepted[2]
Other locations 222 Waverly Place (near Perry Street), in the West Village of Manhattan[2]
Website www.taimfalafel.com

Taïm is an Israeli vegetarian restaurant located at 45 Spring Street (on the corner of Mulberry Street), in NoLita in Manhattan, New York City.[3] "Taïm" means "tasty" in Hebrew.[2]

The Spring Street location opened in October 2012. Another location is at 222 Waverly Place (near Perry Street), in the West Village since 2005.[4][5]


Zagat's reported that Taïm had 'sublime' falafel (deep-fried chickpea balls), rated "'best in NYC' – and maybe 'the USA'".[2][3] The falafel comes in a number of flavors, such as green (parsley and cilantro), red (roasted red peppers), and spicy. Home-made harissa spices it up, and the falafel is kosher and gluten-free.[1][2][6][7]

The menu also includes tabbouleh, homemade French fries to be dipped in saffron aioli, salad with lemon-mint dressing, smoothies, and hot toasted pita brushed with olive oil and a mixture of sesame, salt, and the herb za'atar (grown on a mountain near Jerusalem).[2][6][8]

The chef is Einat Admony, from Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv, who co-owns it with her husband Stefan Nafziger.[2][6][9][10]


The restaurant is small. Its decor was described by Zagats as "almost 'literally a hole-in-the-wall'".[3]


In 2012, Time Out described Taïm's falafel as "wildly popular."[1]

In 2013, Zagat's gave Taïm a food rating of 26, and a decor rating of 10, and ranked it the # 1 Israeli restaurant in New York City and the # 2 restaurant in NoLita.[3] The same year, Fodor's described its food as "delicious."[2]

Other establishments[edit]

The owners opened trendy offshoot restaurant Balaboosta (the name balaboosta means "the ideal or perfect housewife" in Yiddish) on Mulberry Street, immediately north of Spring Street, in March 2009, which they also operate together.[11][12][13][14] They also have a food truck called Taïm Mobile, which opened for business in 2011.[15][16]

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