Ta Gegonota tis Achaias

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Ta Gegonota tis Achaias
Τα Γεγονότα της Αχαΐας
Type Daily
Format N/A
Owner(s) Patraikes ekdoseis monoprosopi
Founded 1987
Headquarters Patras, Achaia, Greece

Ta Gegonota tis Achaias (Greek: Τα Γεγονότα της Αχαΐας) (English: The Events of Achaia) is a daily newspaper that was founded in 1987 in Patras, Greece. It is owned by the company Patraikes ekdoseis monoprosopi EPE (Πατραϊκές εκδόσεις μονοπρόσωπη ΕΠΕ) and is written by Ekdotiki Patron A.E. (Εκδοτική Πατρών ΑΕ).

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