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Taavi Vartia (9 November 1965 Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish Film director, script writer and writer. Taavi Vartia has since 1990 planned, directed and produced programmes for all of Finland's national television channels: YLE TV1, YLE TV2, MTV3 and Nelonen, across a range of genres including drama, entertainment, music, profiles and documentaries. He has been involved in the production of over 1100 episodes. Vartia has also written and directed several company- and image videos for the Finnish companies. In recent years he has received recognition as a writer of young adult dramas, as a documentary film maker, and also in the field of theatre. Vartia has published four novels.

Feature Films[edit]



  • The Missing Route Family-oriented TV series, to comprise 16 episodes. Currently in development. Greek, Inkas Films Production.

Director and Script writer. Actors: Natalia Dragoumi and Yannis Zouganelis.

  • Käenpesä family drama (MTV3/ 2005–2006) 16 parts. Director, one of many directors
  • Suolaista vettä drama for young people (TV1/ 2000) 6 parts. Script Writer (original theme by Kari Levola)
  • Pertsan ja Kilun uudet seikkailut drama for young people (TV2/ 2000). Director and Script writer. Actors: Santeri Kinnunen, Vesa Vierikko, Eija Vilpas, Jaana Saarinen, Ismo Apell and Tapio Liinoja
  • Samaa Sukua, eri maata family drama (TV1/ 1997–98) 46 parts. Director
  • Houdinin pojat mini serial (MTV3/ 1997) 4 parts. Director, producer
  • Isäni on Supermies drama for young people (FST/ not filmed) 6 parts. Script Writer (Script support by Nordiska Kulturfonden 2001)
  • Komisario Koivu detective comedy (TV1/ 1996) 28 parts. Direction, one of many script writers
  • Marskin poika television film (TV1/ 1995). Direction, dramatization
  • Tapulikylä family drama (TV1/ 1995) 5 parts. Director


  • Itämeri (Baltic Sea (MTV3/ 2012) 12 parts. Director, Script writer
  • Ota tai Jätä (Deal Or No Deal) format (Nelonen/ 2007) 10 parts. Director
  • Big Brother format (SubTv/ 2006) 6 parts. Live-action director of first six parts
  • Pääroolissa "Lets make a film"- entertainment (TV1/ 2005) 8 parts. Director, Host
  • Diili (The Apprentice) format (MTV3/ 2004) 15 parts. Director
  • Videotreffit video date entertainment for young people (TV2/ 1999) 18 parts. Director
  • Sinun Unelmiesi Tähden human fantasies (TV1/ 1995) 10 parts. Director
  • Etusivu uusiksi press competition (TV2/ 1995) 50 parts. Host
  • Tämä on minun quiz (TV1/ 1994) 18 parts. Director
  • Erotico-tico erotic sketch show (TV1/ 1992) 18 parts. Director, Script Writer

Music Entertainment & Concerts[edit]

  • Kirka –taiteilijajuhlakonsertti concert (TV1/ 1998). Director
  • Toivomuslähde (TV2/ 1998) 19 parts. Director
  • Puhdas Elämä Lapselle concerts 1996 and 1997 at the Olympic Stadium (MTV3). Director
  • Danny –taiteilijajuhlakonsertti (TV1/ 1996). Director
  • Sarajevo-konsertti at the Olympic Stadium (TV1/ 1995). Director, reporter
  • Euroviisut 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, Finnish Competition (TV1/ 1994). Director
  • Katri Helena 50-v –konsertti concert (TV1/ 1994). Director
  • Pellit auki (TV1/1993) 6 parts. Director

Documentaries & Current Affairs & Talk Shows[edit]

  • After the Blood Diamonds documentary film (Sierra Leone) for international distribution (2008–2009). Director, writer
  • Suomen Historia history of Finland (TV1/1998) 4 parts. Director, producer
  • Suomalainen kirjallisuuden historia history of Finnish Literature (TV1/1998) 4 parts. Director
  • Testamentti profiles (TV2/ 1998) 10 parts. Producer
  • Sata sanaa literature programme (TV1/20001) 50 parts. Director, Planning
  • Aleksis K literature programme (YleTeema/ 2000) 38 parts. Director, producer
  • Tosi Tarina profiles (TV1/ 2000) 5 parts. Reporter, director
  • Ben Furman talk show (TV1/ 1999) 18 parts. Director
  • Katsojan suora opinion programme (TV2/ 1998) 30 parts. Producer
  • Eläköön viini! fact/entertainment (Nelonen/ 1998) 10 parts. Director, Planning
  • Haastattelijana Mirja Pyykkö talk show (TV1/ 1995–97) 40 parts. Director, producer
  • Kirurgia Nyt! serial of modern medicin (TV1/ 1997) 10 parts. Director, producer
  • Miisa matkalla tähtiin? profile/report (TV1/1996). Reporter, director
  • Venäläinen Baletti – taide, uskonto ja filosofia documentary of the stars of Bolshoi Theatre (TV2/ 1990).

Director, reporter

  • Päiväntasaaja current affairs/ entertainment (TV/ 1995) 50 parts. Producer, Host/ Reporter


  • Games of the XXVII Olympiad in Athens 2004 (several channels worldwide/ 2004). Slomotion Director in international field (running)
  • Drive or Die direct theatre broadcasting from Kaapelitehdas (TV1/ 1997). TV Direction
  • Orvot direct theatre play broadcasting from Kansallisteatteri/National Theatre (TV1/1997). TV Direction



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