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This article is about ambiguous uses of "tab" as a word or abbreviation. For "TAB" as an initialism, see TAB (disambiguation).

Tab or tabs may refer to:

  • Servo tab, a mechanism for moving an airplane's control surface with a small input force
  • Tab, a British Army term for a loaded march
  • Tab (album), by US rock band Monster Magnet
  • Tab (archery), a small protective covering for the fingers
  • Tab (beverage can), the mechanism for opening a beverage can
  • Tab, the invoice, bill, or account for a dinner or round of drinks
  • Tâb, a board game played in Egypt and elsewhere
  • Tab (debating), the table of the results of a debating competition
  • Tab, a Geordie word for a cigarette
  • Tab (nickname), an affectionately derogative term for Cantabrigians used mainly by Oxonians
  • Tab (soft drink), a diet cola soft drink produced by the Coca-Cola company
  • Tab (US Army), a part of the United States Army uniform designating a skill or marksmanship
  • Tablature, a form of musical notation used particularly for guitars and other fretted instruments
  • Tabs (stage), in theatre, the term for the curtain at the front of the stage
  • Trim tab, a mechanism for adjusting the hands-free position of an airplane's control surface
  • Location (sign language)

Given name[edit]

  • Tab Benoit (born 1967), United States of America guitarist and singer
  • Tab Hunter (born 1931), United States actor and musician
  • Tab Ramos (born 1966), United States athlete in soccer
  • Tab, nickname for Tabitha


In publishing[edit]

  • Tab, abbreviation of Tabloid, a small newspaper format
  • Tab, a comic strip format
  • TAB Books, a publisher of DIY technology books for makers, electronics hobbyists, students, and inventors
  • Tab Communications, a former newspaper publisher in Massachusetts, or one of its papers


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