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Tabaquite is a town in central Trinidad, north of Rio Claro and west of Navet.


Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2015 Kimberly Singh hails from Tabaquite Tabaquite is a primarily rural area and suffers from infrastructural neglect. It was formerly an important cocoa bean producer.

Tabaquite is administered by the Couva-Tabaquite-Talparo Regional Corporation.

Tabaquite was served for a time by a station on the Trinidad Government Railway.

"Tabaquite sweet, Tabaquite nice, Tabaquite really is a paradise".

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Tabaquite is well known for the knollys tunnel one of the only visible areas in Trinidad where once the nations Railway ran.


Coordinates: 10°23′25″N 61°18′5″W / 10.39028°N 61.30139°W / 10.39028; -61.30139