Tabawan Island

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Tabawan Island
Sabah-Islands-DarvelBay PulauTabawan-Pushpin.png
Location of Tabawan Island in Darvel Bay
Tabawan Island is located in Borneo
Tabawan Island
Tabawan Island
Coordinates4°48′0″N 118°23′0″E / 4.80000°N 118.38333°E / 4.80000; 118.38333Coordinates: 4°48′0″N 118°23′0″E / 4.80000°N 118.38333°E / 4.80000; 118.38333
State Sabah

Tabawan Island or Tabauawan (Malay: Pulau Tabawan) is the highest and largest of a group of heavily wooded islands lying in the southwest quadrant of Darvel Bay (Teluk Lahad Datu), Sabah. It has dual volcanic peaks, and is 275 metres at its highest point. On the south side of the island there is a small bay, or inlet, quite deep, at 25 to 35 metres. It is about 7.25 kilometres from Sebatik Island, which lies to the southeast. For decades, the pearl farm of the island has safeguarded nearby waters to keep thieves and trespassers away.[1]

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