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Queen consort of Nubia and Egypt
Royal Wife
A Queen from the 25th Dynasty of Egypt
Spouse Possibly Pharaoh Taharqa
Full name
Dynasty 25th Dynasty of Egypt
Father King Piye
t A G29 V31
i mn
in hieroglyphs

Tabekenamun (Tabakenamun) was a Nubian queen dated to the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt.[2]

Tabekenamun was a daughter of King Piye and may have been a queen consort to her brother Taharqa. She is known from Cairo Statue 49157 from Karnak.[3]

Others have suggested Tabekenamun was the wife of Shabaka. She was a King's Daughter, King's Sister and King's Wife. In addition, she was a priestess of Hathor, Mistress of Tepihu (Aphroditopolis) and a priestess of Hathor of Iunyt (Dendera) as well as a priestess of Neith. The priestly offices could suggest she was a daughter of one of the Libyan Pharaohs.[4]


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