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The Tabernacle most commonly refers to the Jewish Tabernacle (משכן), which was a movable tent and worship facility used by the Israelites for the worship of Yahweh as recorded in the Book of Exodus. The Temple in Jerusalem, the successor to the above, was also called a tabernacle in early Jerusalem.

A tabernacle may also refer to:

  • a Church tabernacle, which is a small cupboard, chest or cabinet in which the consecrated hosts are kept
  • a multipurpose building used for worship and community centers by the LDS Church (see Tabernacle (LDS Church))
  • a nook or frame intended for such a shrine (see Aedicula)
  • the booths used in the Jewish festival of Sukkot, (see sukkah), or any other tent, booth or temporary dwelling (see booth (disambiguation))
  • the frame or support on which a detachable or folding mast (sailing) is mounted
  • a name for a local church

As a proper name, Tabernacle may also refer to:


Places of worship[edit]


  • Tabernacle of Unity, a small book, first published in July 2006
  • Tabernacle Societies, lay Eucharistic Adorative associations within Roman Catholic parishes, principally in America and Australia
  • Tin tabernacle, common name for church and related buildings made of corrugated iron