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Not to be confused with Tabernacle Baptist Bible College in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Tabernacle Baptist College
Type Private
Established 1963
President Joel W. Logan
Administrative staff
Undergraduates Approx. 40
Postgraduates Approx. 2
Location Greenville, South Carolina, USA
34°49′39″N 82°26′52″W / 34.8276°N 82.4478°W / 34.8276; -82.4478Coordinates: 34°49′39″N 82°26′52″W / 34.8276°N 82.4478°W / 34.8276; -82.4478
Campus 50 acres (200,000 m2)
Website [1]

Tabernacle Baptist College is an independent, fundamental, Baptist college in Greenville, South Carolina, offering undergraduate degrees in Bible and Elementary Education among others. Graduate degrees are also offered in Theology and others through the External Studies arm of the college. The school is designed to train even those who, late in life, often do not have the educational background to enroll in a liberal arts college, or do not desire a liberal arts education, but want to pursue a practical Christian training program.[2]


Tabernacle Baptist College was founded in 1963 as a ministry of Tabernacle Baptist Church. The college was originally named Tabernacle Baptist Institute and founded by its first president, Harold B. Sightler. The school was founded in order to train those who are not of typical college age and yet have not yet attained the educational background to enroll in a liberal arts college or don't desire a liberal arts education. In more recent years, the school has broadened its target audience to include younger students as well as those who aren't necessarily interested in a 4-year degree but desire further biblical training. After Sightler's death in 1995, Melvin Aiken became president by virtue of his becoming pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church. After Dr. Aiken's retirement in November, 2016, Pastor Joel W. Logan (1994 graduate of TBBC) was called as pastor. The Dean of the college oversees the day-to-day operation and leadership of the college. The current Dean is Dr. Mark Sanney.

The College requires its students (particularly those living in the dormitory facilities) and faculty to affirm its Articles of Faith and to abide by very conservative rules of conduct as outlined in its catalog and other materials.[citation needed]


Tabernacle Baptist College is not accredited by any recognized higher education accreditation body. Therefore, its degrees and certificates may not be acceptable to employers or other institutions, and use of degree titles may be restricted or illegal in some jurisdictions.[3] Tabernacle says its lack of accreditation is by choice in an effort for it not be under the control and oversight of an outside organization.[citation needed]


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