Table Hill

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Table Hill
Miniature Granite Quarry, Table Hill - - 252959.jpg
Quarry on Table Hill
Highest point
Elevation 373 m (1,224 ft) [1]
Prominence c. 337 metres (1,106 ft)
Parent peak Worcestershire Beacon
Coordinates 52°06′56″N 2°20′32″W / 52.1155°N 2.3421°W / 52.1155; -2.3421Coordinates: 52°06′56″N 2°20′32″W / 52.1155°N 2.3421°W / 52.1155; -2.3421
Location Malvern Hills, England
Topo map OS Landranger 150
Age of rock Pre-Cambrian
Mountain type Igneous, Metamorphic
Easiest route Hiking

Table Hill is situated in the range of Malvern Hills that runs about 13 kilometres (8 mi) north-south along the Herefordshire-Worcestershire border. It lies between North Hill and Sugarloaf Hill and has an elevation of 373 metres (1,224 ft).[1]


Although the flint route from North Wales to Wessex lay to the north of Malvern, there is some evidence to suggest that traders passed over the Malvern Hills. Parts of an arrowhead, a scraper and flint flakes have been discovered between North Hill and Table Hill. A 19th-century guidebook describes both a collapsed burial mound on North Hill, named the Giant's Grave, and a tump on Table Hill. These tumuli may have been connected to the Dobunni settlement in Mathon:[2]

Upon the Table Hill you will perceive the figure of a large table, whence the name is derived. In the centre is a cross, of the same size as that by the Giant's Grave, upon North Hill.[3]


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