Stołowe Mountains

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Stołowe Mountains
Table Mountains
Widoczek 10062005 2.jpg
View from Szczeliniec Wielki
Highest point
PeakSzczeliniec Wielki
Elevation919 m (3,015 ft)
Length42 km (26 mi)
Stołowe Mountains is located in Czech Republic
Stołowe Mountains
CountriesPoland, Czech Republic
Range coordinates50°28′00″N 16°20′00″E / 50.4667°N 16.3333°E / 50.4667; 16.3333Coordinates: 50°28′00″N 16°20′00″E / 50.4667°N 16.3333°E / 50.4667; 16.3333
Parent rangeCentral Sudetes
Type of rocksandstone

The Stołowe Mountains (Polish: [stɔˈwɔvɛ]; in English known as the Table Mountains, Polish: Góry Stołowe, Czech: Stolové hory, German: Heuscheuergebirge) are mountain range in Poland and the Czech Republic, part of the Central Sudetes. The Polish part of the range is protected as the Stołowe Mountains National Park.[1] The highest peak of the range is Szczeliniec Wielki at 919 metres (3,015 ft) a.s.l.[2][3][4][5]


The range is formed of sandstone and, as the only one in Poland, presents plated structure with sheer mountain ledges.[6] Among the tourist attractions there are two massifs: Szczeliniec Wielki on which the labyrinth, and Skalniak on which the labyrinth Błędne Skały (Errant Rocks). There are several notable rock formations, among them Kwoka ("Hen"), Wielbłąd ("Camel"), Małpa ("Monkey"), Głowa Konia ("Horse Head"), Fotel Pradziada ("Great Grandfather's Armchair").

Film locations[edit]

Errant Rocks (Polish: Błędne Skały)



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