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Pione table grapes prior to harvesting

Table grapes are grapes intended for consumption while fresh, as opposed to grapes grown for wine production, juice production, or for drying into raisins.

Market characteristics[edit]

North American and European Markets[edit]

Table grapes commonly sold in North American and European markets include Sultana (Thompson Seedless), Flame, Muscat, Almeria, Niagara and Concord grape.

Chile, Peru, the United States, China, Turkey, Spain, South Africa and Australia are all major producers and exporters of table grapes.[1] For many years Chile has been the world's single largest table grape exporter, exporting over 800,000 metric tons to mainly North American and European markets.[2]

Japan and East Asia[edit]

In Japan and other East Asian markets, domestically produced table grapes are often retailed as premium gift products. In Japan Kyoho, Delaware and Pione grapes rank as the first, second and third most popular table grapes in terms production volume.[3] In July 2015, setting new pricing records for Japanese premium table grapes, a single bunch of Ruby Roman grapes, containing 26 grapes at a weight of about 700 grams, sold for 1 million yen (around $8400).[4]

Grape characteristics[edit]

Some table grape varietials are known to have lower sugar content than grapes used for wine production and are considered more flavorful when eaten. Their flavors, however, often do not survive fermentation and their low sugar content means that any wine produced from them is less pronounced in flavour. Depending on the market for wine and table grapes, low quality wine may contain some grapes that could also be sold as table grapes, particularly Sultana (Thompson Seedless).

Table grape varietals[edit]

Autumn Royal table grapes

Green grapes: Perlette, Muscat of Alexandria, Sugraone, Thompson Seedless, Niagara Calmeria, Italia, Autumn King seedless grape

Red grapes: Flame Seedless, Swenson Red, Yates, Red Globe, Ruby Seedless, Christmas Rose, Emperor, Rouge, Crimson Seedless, Tudor Premium Red, Cardinal, Scarlet Royal seedless grape Koshu, Delaware, Ruby Roman

Blue-Black grapes: Beauty Seedless, Thomcord, Muscat Hamburg, Autumn Royal, Ribier, Fantasy Seedless, Marroo, Niabell, Summer Royal seedless grape, Kyoho, Pione


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