Table of Historical Maps

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This is a table of historic maps.

From To Region Type Subject Map Made
3200 BC 2400 BC Ancient Near East Political City States of Sumer Image:Ur3.JPG Recent
3000 BC 500 BC Ancient Near East Political Nomes of Lower Egypt Image:Lower Egypt Nomes 01.png Recent
3000 BC 500 BC Ancient Near East Political Nomes of Upper Egypt Image:Upper Egypt Nomes.png Recent
2000 BC 1000 BC Central AmericaMexico Language Spread of Maya language Image:HuastecRoute.jpg Recent
1600 BC 1043 BC Ancient China Political Shang Dynasty Centers Image:China 1.jpg Recent
1350 BC 1330 BC Ancient Near East Political Powers of the Amarna Period Image:Amarnamap.png Recent
1200 BC 400 BC Central AmericaMexico Political Olmec Civilization Image:Olmec Heartland Overview v2.svg Recent
900 BC 900 BC Central AmericaMexico Political Maya and Mesoamerican cultures Image:SE Mesoamerican Formative Period sites.svg Recent
600 BC 600 BC Ancient Near East Political Powers of 600 BC Image:Shepherd 1923 Oriental Empires c.600 BCE.jpg 1923
600 BC 600 BC Central AmericaMexico Political Maya and Mesoamerican cultures Image:Classic sites 1.svg Recent
600 BC 600 BC Central AmericaMexico Political Maya and Mesoamerican cultures Image:Formative Era sites.svg Recent
550 BC 550 BC Mediterranean Basin Political Ancient Greece world in 550 BC Image:Location greek ancient.png Recent
490 BC 490 BC Central Asia Political Persian Empire Image:Persian empire 490bc.gif Recent
450 BC 450 BC Aegean Sea Political Ancient Athens in 450 BC Image:Athenian empire atheight 450 shepherd1923.png 1923
334 BC 323 BC Ancient Near East Military Empire of Alexander the Great Image:MacedonEmpire.jpg Recent
300 BC 300 BC Ancient Near East Political Divisions of the Diadochi Image:Diadochen1.png Recent
250 BC 226 Ancient Near East Political Parthian Empire Image:LocationParthia.PNG Recent
250 BC 125 BC Central Asia Political Greco-Bactrian Kingdom Image:Greco-Bactrian kingdom.jpg Recent
250 BC 400 India Political Maurya and Gupta Empires of India Image:Maurya india.png Recent
200 BC 200 BC Central Asia and Middle East Political Hellenistic World Image:Hellenistic world 200BC blank.png Recent
200 BC 200 BC Aegean Sea Political Hellenistic Aegean Centers Image:Map Macedonia 200 BC-fr.svg Recent
180 BC 10 India Political Indo-Greek Kingdom Image:Indo-GreekKingdomMap11.jpg Recent
100 BC 100 BC Central Asia Political Scythia Parthia Image:Scythia-Parthia 100 BC.png Recent
100 BC 100 Central Asia Political Bactria Image:BactriaMap.jpg Recent
100 BC 100 India Political Indo-Greek Kingdom Image:Indo-GreekKingdomMap3.jpg Recent
100 800 South America Political Moche Culture Image:Mapa cultura moche.png Recent
200 600 Central Asia Political Sassanid Empire Image:Indo-Sassanid.jpg Recent
200 1500 Central America Political Maya Image:Mayamap.png Recent
280 540 India Political Gupta Empire Image:IndiaGuptaEmpire.jpg Unknown
300 500 Central Asia Political Kushan Empire Image:GBAMap.jpg Recent
376 567 Balkans Political Gepids, Avars, Lombards Image:Carphatianbasin gepidia.png Recent
500 500 Central Asia Political Sassanids Image:Carte empire Sassanide.png Recent
500 500 Central Asia Political Sassanid Empire Image:Sassanides02.png Recent
500 BC 1527 Mexico Political Zapotec Culture Image:Zapotecos.png Recent
520 520 India Political Hephthalite Dominion Image:Hephthalite.png Recent
550 550 Mediterranean Basin Political Byzantium Image:Byzantium550.png Recent
600 600 India Political Harsha's Empire ca 600 Image:Harsha.JPG Recent
602 629 Central Asia Political Sassanian Empire Image:Sassanid-empire-610CE.png Recent
622 750 Mediterranean Basin Political Caliphate Image:Age of Caliphs.png Recent
632 750 Mediterranean Basin Political Caliphate Image:Eroberungen-Islam.JPG 1917
642 642 Middle East Political Expansion of the Caliphate Image:Arabische Rijk.jpg Recent
700 1200 North AmericaSouthwest Political Pueblo People (Anasazi) Image:Anasazi-es.svg Recent
700 700 India Political Pala Empire Image:Pala Empire (Dharmapala).gif Recent
750 750 World Political World Image:The world in 750 CE.PNG Recent
750 750 Mediterranean Basin Political Caliphate Image:Califate 750.jpg 1923
802 802 British Isles Political Kingdoms of England Image:British isles 802.jpg 1926
843 843 Europe Political Division of Charlemagne's Frankish Empire Image:Old Saxony1 in western empire 843.jpg 1927
1025 1025 Mediterranean Basin Political Byzantine Empire Image:1025AD.PNG Recent
1206 1294 Central Asia Political Expansion of the Mongol Empire Image:Mongol Empire map.gif Recent
1300 1406 Central Asia Political Mongol Empire Image:Mongol dominions1.jpg Unknown
1300 1600 North AmericaMexico Political Aztec Empire Image:Aztecempirelocation.png Recent
1300 1300 Mexico Political Tarascan Culture Image:Tarascan aztec states.png Recent
1300 1530 Mexico Political Mixtec Culture Image:Mixtecs.png Recent
1438 1527 South America Political Expansion of Inca Empire Image:Inca-expansion.png Recent
1492 1880 North America Language North American Indians Image:Langs N.Amer.png Recent
1519 1522 World Exploration Ferdinand Magellan Image:Magellan's voyage EN.svg Recent
1519 1519 North AmericaMexico Political Aztec Empire Image:Aztec Empire c 1519.png Recent
1519 1519 North AmericaMexico Political Aztec Empire Image:Lake Texcoco c 1519.png Recent
1526 1857 India Political Mughal Empire Image:Mughal empire large.png Recent
1550 1600 Northern Europe Political Livonia Image:Livland 15jh.png Unknown
1580 1580 China Political Ming Dynasty Centers Image:Ming foreign relations 1580.jpg Recent
1581 1640 World Political Iberian Empire Colonization of Americas Image:Iberian Union Empires.png Recent
1600 1600 India Political Moguls and European Possessions Image:Stormogulernas rike 1600.jpg Recent
1600 1900 Africa Language African Languages Image:African language families.png Recent
1650 1650 Great Lakes Political Iroquois Image:Iroquois 5 Nation Map c1650.png Recent
1662 1662 Northern Europe Political Livonia Image:LIVONIA vulgo Lyefland-Joan Blaeu, 1662.jpg 1662
1670 1670 Balkans Political Balkans and Adriatic Sea Zemljopisna_karta Unknown
1670 1670 Balkans Political Servia, Moesia, Dacia Image:Rascia01.jpg Unknown
1670 1670 Balkans Political Hungary, Pannonia, Illyricum Image:Rascia Banat02.jpg Unknown
1673 1673 Northern EuropeBritish Isles Political Faroe Islands Image:Faroe map 1673 by lucas debes.png 1673
1700 1700 India Political Mughal Empire Image:Mughals.JPG Recent
1700 1700 India Political Mughal Empire and Maratha Confederacy Image:Moghul india.png 1860
1700 1700 India Political India Image:India shepherd 1923.jpg 1923
1705 1705 Northern Europe Political Livonia and Courland Image:Ducatuum Livoniae et Curlandiae Nova Tabula, 1705.jpg 1705
1720 1720 Great Lakes Political Iroquois Image:Iroquois 6 Nations map c1720.png Recent
1750 1750 North America + South America Political European Colonization of Americas Image:Colonizationoftheamericas.png Recent
1760 1760 India Political Maratha Empire Image:India1760 1905.jpg 1905
1763 1776 North AmericaEastern Seaboard Political British Colonies Image:British colonies 1763-76 shepherd1923.PNG 1923
1784 1784 AntarcticaSouth Atlantic Exploration Kerguelen Islands Image:Kerg map.jpg 1784
1785 1785 Balkans Political Hungary and Turkish Empire Image:Hungary with Turky in Europe.jpg 1785
1800 1800 Balkans Political Austria-Hungary frontier with Ottoman Empire Image:Militargrenze.jpg Unknown
1804 1805 North America Exploration Lewis and Clark Track_Across_the_Western_Portion jpg 1814
1805 1805 Europe Military Ulm Campaign Image:Strategic Situation of Europe 1805.jpg Recent
1812 1812 Africa Political Africa in 1812 Image:Africamap1812.jpg 1812
1871 1871 Europe Political Alsace-Lorraine Image:Alsace-lorraine 1871.jpg 1871
1890 1890 Africa Political Africa in 1890 Image:Afryka 1890.jpg 1890
1892 1892 Central Europe Political Bohemia and Moravia Image:Böhmen Mähren Österreich Schlesien.jpg 1892
1908 1908 China Economic Railroads in China Image:China-RR-1908.png 1908
1911 1911 Europe Political Austria-Hungary Image:Austria hungary 1911.jpg Unknown
1911 1911 Europe Political Ukraine and Austria-Hungary Image:Ukrainians in Austria-Hungary 1911.gif Unknown
1911 1911 Europe Political Germany and Austria-Hungary Image:Austrian Germans in western Austro-Hungarian Empire.gif Unknown
1913 1913 Africa Political Colonial Africa Image:ColonialAfrica.png Recent

Map type notes[edit]

All maps show at least some geographical features, such as ocean and lake shorelines, rivers, mountains, and forests, at some level of detail and accuracy.

  • Political maps feature the point location of populated places (such as cities) and the areal boundaries of political or cultural entities.
  • Language maps feature the areal boundaries of languages.
  • Military maps feature the linear tracks of military expeditions and/or the outlines of military formations.
  • Exploration maps feature the linear tracks of explorers and the features they have encountered.
  • Economic maps feature the point location not only of populated places, but of economic resources, manufactures, and industrial production, as well as linear routes of trade.

Map made notes[edit]

A date or keyword in the "Made" column is intended to quickly identify the provenance and age of the historical map image resource.

  • The best accredited date it was drawn if it is an Old Map.
  • The word Unknown if it is an Old Map which is clearly not recent, but the exact date is not evident.
  • The word Recent if it is a recently constructed interpretation of the historical situations portrayed.