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This is a table of orthonormalized spherical harmonics that employ the Condon-Shortley phase up to degree l = 10. Some of these formulas give the "Cartesian" version. This assumes x, y, z, and r are related to and through the usual spherical-to-Cartesian coordinate transformation:

Spherical harmonics[edit]

l = 0[1][edit]

l = 1[1][edit]

l = 2[1][edit]

l = 3[1][edit]

l = 4[1][edit]

l = 5[1][edit]

l = 6[edit]

l = 7[edit]

l = 8[edit]

l = 9[edit]

l = 10[edit]

Real spherical harmonics[edit]

For each real spherical harmonic, the corresponding atomic orbital symbol (s, p, d, f, g) is reported as well.

l = 0[2][3][edit]

l = 1[2][3][edit]

l = 2[2][3][edit]

l = 3[2][edit]

l = 4[edit]

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