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This table lists the vowel letters of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

IPA vowel chart
Front Near-​front Central Near-​back Back
Blank vowel trapezoid.svg
i • y
ɨ • ʉ
ɯ • u
ɪ • ʏ
ɪ̈ • ʊ̈
ɯ̽ • ʊ
e • ø
ɘ • ɵ
ɤ • o
 • ø̞
ə • ɵ̞
ɤ̞ • 
ɛ • œ
ɜ • ɞ
ʌ • ɔ
æ • 
ɐ • ɞ̞
a • ɶ
ä • ɒ̈
ɑ • ɒ
Paired vowels are: unrounded • rounded
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Vowel fact sheet[edit]

name height backness roundness IPA number IPA text IPA image Entity X-SAMPA Kirshenbaum Sound sample
Close front unrounded vowel close front unrounded 301 i Xsampa-i.png i i i Sound sample
Close front rounded vowel close front rounded 309 y Xsampa-y.png y y y Sound sample
Close central unrounded vowel close central unrounded 317 ɨ Xsampa-1.png ɨ 1 i" Sound sample
Close central rounded vowel close central rounded 318 ʉ Xsampa-rightcurly.png ʉ } u" Sound sample
Close back unrounded vowel close back unrounded 316 ɯ Xsampa-M.png ɯ M u- Sound sample
Close back rounded vowel close back rounded 308 u Xsampa-u.png u u u Sound sample
Near-close near-front unrounded vowel near-close near-front unrounded 319 ɪ Xsampa-I2.png ɪ I I Sound sample
Near-close near-front rounded vowel near-close near-front rounded 320 ʏ Xsampa-Y2.png ʏ Y I. Sound sample
Near-close near-back rounded vowel near-close near-back rounded 321 ʊ Xsampa-U2.png ʊ U U Sound sample
Close-mid front unrounded vowel close-mid front unrounded 302 e Xsampa-e.png e e e Sound sample
Close-mid front rounded vowel close-mid front rounded 310 ø Xsampa-2.png ø 2 Y Sound sample
Close-mid central unrounded vowel close-mid central unrounded 397 ɘ Xsampa-atslash.png &#600; @\ @<umd> Sound sample
Close-mid central rounded vowel close-mid central rounded 323 ɵ Xsampa-8.png &#629; 8 @.<umd> Sound sample
Close-mid back unrounded vowel close-mid back unrounded 315 ɤ Xsampa-7.png &#612; 7 o- Sound sample
Close-mid back rounded vowel close-mid back rounded 307 o Xsampa-o.png &#111; o o Sound sample
Mid central vowel mid central unrounded 322 ə Xsampa-at.png &#601; @ @ Sound sample
Open-mid front unrounded vowel open-mid front unrounded 303 ɛ Xsampa-E2.png &#603; E E Sound sample
Open-mid front rounded vowel open-mid front rounded 311 œ Xsampa-9.png &#339; 9 W Sound sample
Open-mid central unrounded vowel open-mid central unrounded 326 ɜ Xsampa-3.png &#604; 3 V" Sound sample
Open-mid central rounded vowel open-mid central rounded 395 ɞ Xsampa-3slash.png &#606; 3\ O" Sound sample
Open-mid back unrounded vowel open-mid back unrounded 314 ʌ Xsampa-V.png &#652; V V Sound sample
Open-mid back rounded vowel open-mid back rounded 306 ɔ Xsampa-O2.png &#596; O O Sound sample
Near-open front unrounded vowel near-open front unrounded 325 æ Xsampa-leftcurly.png &#230; { & Sound sample
Near-open central vowel near-open central vowel 324 ɐ Xsampa-6.png &#592; 6 &" Sound sample
Open front unrounded vowel open front unrounded 304 a Xsampa-a.png &#97; a a Sound sample
Open front rounded vowel open front rounded 312 ɶ Xsampa-amper.png &#630; & a. Sound sample
Open back unrounded vowel open back unrounded 305 ɑ Xsampa-A2.png &#593; A A Sound sample
Open back rounded vowel open back rounded 313 ɒ Xsampa-Q.png &#594; Q A. Sound sample

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