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Table talk may refer to:

  • Table Talk (newspaper), former weekly magazine published from 26 June 1885 until 1939 in Melbourne, Australia
  • Table talk (cards), in certain card games, communication by a player with another player with the cards in their hand, usually contrary to the rules of the game
  • Table talk (literature), literary genre, a species of memoir
  • Hitler's Table Talk (Tischgespräche im Führerhauptquartier), series of World War II conversations and monologues delivered by Adolf Hitler, recorded by Heinrich Heim, Henry Picker, and Martin Bormann
  • Table Talk (Hazlitt) (1821), collection of essays by the English cultural critic and social commentator William Hazlitt
  • Table Talk (Luther) (1566), collection of the sayings of Martin Luther, compiled by Johannes Mathesius and published at Eisleben