Tabletop, New South Wales

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Tabletop is a small village in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It serves a rural community. It is located on the Main South railway line between Sydney and Melbourne, and lies on the Olympic Highway.


The railway has a crossing loop at Tabletop. Under the Auslink plan, the line between the previous station to the north at Gerogery and Tabletop will be duplicated. The duplicated line will be about 14 km long and will allow for so-called running crosses, where trains in opposing directions need not slow down or stop, and where flights of trains can also pass each other. Due to cost considerations, the length of the passing lanes were reduced to about 6.5 km.


Coordinates: 35°58′S 147°00′E / 35.967°S 147.000°E / -35.967; 147.000