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At Dance Music Hall of Fame

Taborah ( /t æ b ɔr ə/; born May 30, 1964) is an American singer and songwriter. Starting her career as the face, voice and writer of Blackwood on ACV Records in 1990, Taborah released her first album, Ride on the Rhythm, in 1992, and has released 19 studio tracks, and 4 albums since. Her number one dance charts, which she is best known for, include "All I Gave To You," "Ride on the Rhythm," "My Love for You," and "I am."

Early life[edit]

Taborah was born on May 30, 1964 in Long Island, New York, U.S. as Taborah Annette Adams. She is the youngest child born to parents Elaine Sutton and George Adams. She has a daughter, two sisters, two half-sisters, two step-sisters and two step-brothers. At age four she began taking dance lessons at the Venettes Cultural Workshop in Wyandanch, New York. She studied tap, African, modern, jazz and ballet for fourteen years, often taking lessons with Maurice and Gregory Hines and Frank Hatchett at Broadway Dance. She also took charm and voice lessons.

Taborah was introduced to a variety of music at an early age. Her grandmother played piano and sang for the USO Troops in Jacksonville, Florida, and her father sang and traveled internationally with the Fisk Jubilee Singers of Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee.

She began her modeling career at age 13 winning a Long Island beauty contest. She was the first black Ms. Long Island Pre-Teen and went on to entering and winning beauty contest until she graduated from high school in 1982. She continued runway modeling and print ads.


Taborah is a dance, pop, and R&B singer who began her career in Italy as the writer, face and vocalist of the Italian Euro pop group, Blackwood. The group consisted of Taborah along with producers Toni Verde, Marascia and Kortezman. She first signed with Italian label ACV Music and released her first 2 albums. Her debut album was "Ride on the Rhythm" in 1992 and featured the single "I Feel You." In 1996 Taborah released her second album with Blackwood on A&D Music and Vision. "Ride on the Rhythm" was re-released, with a new remix, on the album "In The City," which was a mixture of soul and pop music. "Ride on the Rhythm" charted number one on Billboard Hits of the World, for 12 consecutive weeks. Taborah was also noted in the dance community with such articles as Billboard's "Acts Sent from Italy," (1997). Taborah received the FIMI Best Dance Act Award from the single's success. Production for the album included Fabio Parisella and the Van Morrison remake "Moondance."

In 1997 Taborah released her third album with Blackwood, "I Am," which included the single "My Love for You." The single also charted on Billboard Dance charts and the video was on heavy rotation on Euro MTV. Taborah was invited to perform at the Sanremo Festival live with Radio Deejay.

Blackwood's third single "I Am" was released and distributed by BMG Italy Ricordi. Again the single hit the Billboard Dance chart. Taborah's Blackwood singles were licensed in over 55 countries and she performed on such television shows as RAI and the Roxy Bar. In 1997 after giving birth to her daughter she left Blackwood.

In 2004, Taborah released her first U.S. single "I Am (the rising)", a remake of her Italian release "I Am", on Catz Entertainment. Production included Johnny Rocks, with remixes by Friscia and Lamboy, Giuseppe D and Jeff Barringer. The single received club play across the country and landed on Billboard Dance Club Play Chart for 16 weeks, where it reached number 5. "I Am (the rising)" was also the 2005 tip-off song for the WNBA, Women's National Basketball Association, New York Liberty for both home and away games. In 2006 Taborah was awarded Heritage of Pride's "Dance Artist of the Year."

Taborah's follow up single on Catz Entertainment "All I Gave To You," was written by Taborah and released in 2006. Productions include Joe Bermudez & Klubjumpers, John Rizzo & Barry Huffine, Giuseppe D, and Josh Harris. The single received both club and radio rotation. It also landed the Billboard Dance Club Chart.

Taborah's Headshot

In 2008, Taborah released the album "A Piece of Me," under her label, "Lah Lah Music." Her single "You Gotta Go ‘Cause I’m Through With You," landed her on C89.5 KNHC top 5 for 10 weeks.

In 2009, Taborah recorded, "Ain't No Stoppin' Us," with Darryl D'Bonneau featuring legendary Grammy nominated percussionist Sammy Figueroa and produced by D1 Music, Peter McLean and Keith Kemper. This remake of the McFadden & Whitehead disco classic brought Taborah back to the Billboard Dance chart for another 6 weeks.

In 2010, Taborah recorded, "Say I Love You," featuring legendary Grammy nominated percussionist Sammy Figueroa and produced by D1 Music, Peter McLean and Keith Kemper.

2016 jumps off with Taborah's NEW release, "MY LOVE FOR YOU" AVAILABLE NOW on iTunes and Amazon! The original track was produced by D1 Music's owner, Peter McLean and producer Keith Kemper. The song includes some of the best remixes by world renown DJ's such as; Kenny Carpenter, Paul Goodyear, Wayne Numan, Semi Trabelsi, and Emiliano Molly.


Taborah is currently working on new material with multiple producers. For fun she sings with her church choir at St. John A.M.E. and is attending Shaw University Divinity School (SUDS) for her Master's.



Year Album
1992 Ride on the Rhythm
1996 In The City
1997 I Am
1992 The Masters of Sound
1994 Mega Dance 94 Volume 3
1996 Bikini Beach Party
1996 One Nation One Station Compilation
1997 Ride On The Rhythm Compilation
1997 Deejay Parade
1998 Winter Party 1998
1999 Breakouts
2008 A Piece of Me
2009 Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
2010 Say I Love You
2010 Dime Te Amo
2016 My Love For You D1 Music


Year Song U.S. Club/Dance Euro Dance Canadian Singles Chart
1992 "I've Got To Have You" - 45 -
1993 "All I Gave To You" - 11 1
1993 "Just Take Me Away" - - -
1994 "One Night" - 24 -
1993 "I Can't Forget You Boy" - 40 -
1994 "A Better Day" - - -
1996 "Ride on the Rhythm" - 1 5
1997 "My Love For You" - 1 10
1997 "I Am" - 1 23
2004 "I Am (the rising)" 1 - -
2006 "All I Gave To You '06" 5 - -
2008 "You Gotta Go 'Cause I'm Through With You" - -
2009 "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" - with Darryl D'Bonneau 42 - -
2010 "Say I Love You" 31 - -
2016 "My Love For You" - -


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