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Taborcillo is located in Panama
Location Gulf of Panama
Province Panamá Province

Isla Taborcillo (a.k.a. John Wayne Island) is a small private island 40 kilometres (25 miles)[1] off the coast of Panama, which was once owned by American film actor John Wayne. Currently owned by Austrian businessman Ralph Hübner, founder of publishing company Who is Who,[2] the island contains a resort hotel and theme park, and is a vacation destination for European and American tourists. A part of the island has been designated as a protected bird sanctuary; egrets, brown pelicans and hummingbirds nest here.[2]

Picture of Isla Taborcillo a.k.a. John Wayne Island, off the coast of Panama
Roadside sign on the way to John Wayne Island


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Coordinates: 8°40′20″N 79°44′39″W / 8.67222°N 79.74417°W / 8.67222; -79.74417