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ايستگاه راه اهن تبریز
Islamic Republic of Iran Railways station
Location Iran
Coordinates 38°04′19.49″N 46°13′42.95″E / 38.0720806°N 46.2285972°E / 38.0720806; 46.2285972Coordinates: 38°04′19.49″N 46°13′42.95″E / 38.0720806°N 46.2285972°E / 38.0720806; 46.2285972

Tabriz railway station is a structure in Tabriz, Iran; the current building was built during second Pahlavi era. The current building of Tabriz Railway Station is jointly design by French architect Fernand Pouillon and Iranian architect Heydar Ghiaï-Chamlou and built in 1950s.[1]


The first railroad arriving to Tabriz had been built by Russians during the height of World War I. The first train arrived to Tabriz in 1916 from Jolfa. The railway stretched from Tabriz to Tehran in 1958 with a length of 748 km.


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