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ايستگاه راه اهن تبریز
Islamic Republic of Iran Railways station
LocationTabriz, Tabriz County, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Coordinates38°04′19.49″N 46°13′42.95″E / 38.0720806°N 46.2285972°E / 38.0720806; 46.2285972Coordinates: 38°04′19.49″N 46°13′42.95″E / 38.0720806°N 46.2285972°E / 38.0720806; 46.2285972

Tabriz railway station is a structure in Tabriz, Iran; the current building was built during second Pahlavi era. The current building of Tabriz Railway Station is jointly design by French architect Fernand Pouillon and Iranian architect Heydar Ghiaï-Chamlou and built in 1950s.[1]


The first railroad arriving to Tabriz had been built by Russians during the height of World War I. The first train arrived to Tabriz in March 1916 from Jolfa.[2] The railway stretched from Tabriz to Tehran in 1958 with a length of 748 km.

Service summary[edit]

Note: Classifications are unofficial and only to best reflect the type of service offered on each path
Meaning of Classifications:

  • Local Service: Services originating from a major city, and running outwards, with stops at all stations
  • Regional Service: Services connecting two major centres, with stops at almost all stations
  • InterRegio Service: Services connecting two major centres, with stops at major and some minor stations
  • InterRegio-Express Service:Services connecting two major centres, with stops at major stations
  • InterCity Service: Services connecting two (or more) major centres, with no stops in between, with the sole purpose of connecting said centres.
Preceding station   Azerbaijan Commuter Railway   Following station
TerminusTabriz - Jolfa
toward Jolfa
TerminusTabriz - Salmas
toward Salmas
TerminusTabriz - Tarbiat-e Mo'allem
Preceding station   IRI Railway   Following station
TerminusTabriz - Mashhad
InterRegio Service
toward Mashhad
toward Tehran
Tehran - Tabriz
InterRegio Service
TerminusTabriz - Razi
InterRegio Service
toward Razi



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