Tabula Rasa (Einstürzende Neubauten album)

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Tabula Rasa
ENTabula front.jpg
Studio album by
LabelMute Records
ProducerEinstürzende Neubauten, Jon Caffery
Einstürzende Neubauten chronology
Haus der Lüge
Tabula Rasa
Ende Neu

Tabula Rasa is the sixth full-length studio album by the German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten, released in 1993 through Mute Records worldwide and through the band's own label Potomak in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.[1]

Anita Lane joins Blixa Bargeld on vocals for the song "Blume."


Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars[2]

Trouser Press described the album as "a gripping blend of stately seduction and brutality that sounds like the masterpiece Einstürzende Neubauten was born to make."[3]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and arranged by Blixa Bargeld, Mark Chung, F. M. Einheit, Alexander Hacke and N. U. Unruh, copyright Freibank Music.

  1. "Die Interimsliebenden" ("The Interim Lovers") - 7:41
  2. "Zebulon" - 3:43
  3. "Blume" - 4:33
  4. "12305(te Nacht)" - 4:13
  5. "Sie" - 6:08
  6. "Wüste" ("Desert") - 4:07
  7. "Headcleaner" - 9:55
    I. "Zentrifuge" / "Stabs" / "Rotlichtachse" / "Propaganda" / "Aufmarsch" ("Centrifuge" / "Stabs" / "Red Light Axis" / "Propaganda" / "Deployment")
    II. "Einhorn" ("Unicorn")
    III. "Marschlied" ("Marching Song")
  8. "Headcleaner" - 5:12
    "Das Gleissen / Schlacht" ("The Track / Battle")
    IV. "Lyrischer Rückzug" ("Lyric Retreat")

Although the songs have no musical similarity, "Headcleaner" contains a lyrical reference to the Beatles song "All You Need Is Love", with slight wording changes and the phrase "And nothing has been said, so forget how to play the game" instead of "Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game." The line"All you need is love" is also replaced with "All you need is headcleaner."


Einstürzende Neubauten


  • Produced by E. N. & Jon Caffery
  • Recorded and engineered by Jon Caffery and Boris Wilsdorf
  • Mixed by Jon Caffery


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