Tabun-Khara-Obo crater

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Tabun-Khara-Obo is an impact crater in the Dornogovi Aimag (province) the south-east of Mongolia.[1] The crater, which is exposed at the surface, is 1.3 km in diameter. The crater's rim rises some 20 to 30 meters above the crater bottom,[2] but the bottom of crater is covered with up to 171 m thick layer of lake deposits - a testimony that this crater in earlier times was filled with a lake.[3] It has an estimated age of 150 ± 20 million years (Upper Jurassic). The site was first identified as a probable impact crater in the 1960s,[3] although confirmation of the hypothesis only occurred decades later.[2] Drilling at the site in 2008 revealed rock features consistent with high-speed impacts such as those caused by meteorites.[2]


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Coordinates: 44°8′N 109°39′E / 44.133°N 109.650°E / 44.133; 109.650