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Tacón Theatre
1898 Tacon Theater and Inglaterra Hotel in Havana Cuba by Mast Crowell and Kirkpatrick.png
Teatro Tacon in 1853 Map of Havana.

The Teatro Tacón was a theatre in Havana, Cuba, opened in 1838. Its auditorium contained 2,750 seats.[1] It was built by Pancho Martí [ca].[2][3] In 1847 Bottesini's opera Cristoforo Colombo premiered at the theatre.[4] By 1855 so many attended events that the city issued parking regulations for carriages on performance nights.[5]


The Teatro Tacon had excellent acoustics such that the Gran Teatro de La Habana was built around the old hall of the Teatro Tacón. The architect Paul Belau and the U.S. firm Purdy and Henderson, Engineers kept the original theatre and built the Centro Gallego, a European styled addition and renovation for the purpose of enlarging the functions supporting the theatre and a means of introduce an elaborate system of circulation into an otherwise simple, and architecturally modest, preexisting box.


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