Tachibana no Kachiko

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In this Japanese name, the family name is Tachibana.
Nine Stages of Decomposition of the Heian Period Empress Danrin, Honolulu Museum of Art II.JPG

Tachibana no Kachiko (橘 嘉智子?, 786 – June 17, 850), also known as Empress Danrin (檀林皇后 Danrin-kōgō?), was a Japanese empress, the chief consort of Emperor Saga[1] and the daughter of Tachibana no Kiyotomo (橘 清友?).[2]

The empress was a devout Buddhist. She founded the Buddhist Danrin-ji temple complex, and for this reason, she came to be called Danrin-kōgō.[2]

She died in the 4th day of the 5th month of 850.[3]


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Japanese royalty
Preceded by
Fujiwara no Otomuro
(Posthumously: Fujiwara no Taishi)
Empress consort of Japan
Succeeded by
Princess Seishi