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The Tachyon XC is an action helmet camera built by Tachyon Inc. It is marketed towards extreme sport enthusiasts; due to its small, shock/waterproof casing (waterproof to 2 atmospheres), it may be mounted on a helmet or used as an action camera. Unlike many traditional helmet cameras, which require an external camcorder or digital video recorder to record onto, all of the Tachyon XC's video and picture files are recorded on an SD Card. The Tachyon XC can use anywhere from a 4GB card to a 32GB card. The camera is compatible with many standard mounts that use a universal tripod screw, while offering a variety of usage possibilities, such as full-motion recording or a time lapse mode that captures a photo every 2 seconds for up to 10 days. The XC camera is powered by two AA batteries and has full TV compatibility. It is also Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X compatible.

In August 2009 Tachyon, Inc. released the 2010 Tachyon XC with the first ever consumer 3D Technology 3-D film for Helmet Cameras. For a video of the Tachyon XC 3D technology visit [1]