Tactical Assault

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Tactical Assault
Directed by Mark Griffiths
Produced by Jack L. Warner
Written by David Goldenr
Music by Arthur Kempel
Cinematography Blake T. Evans
Edited by Barry Zetlin
Release dates
Country United States
Language English

Tactical Assault is a 1998 action/adventure film starring Rutger Hauer, Robert Patrick, Isabel Glasser and Dey Young. It was directed by Mark Griffiths and written by David Golden.[1]


Colonel Lee Banning (Robert Patrick) and Captain John "Doc" Holiday (Rutger Hauer) are fighter aces who get involved in a deadly shootout in the Iraqi no-fly zone in 1990. The incident leaves Doc a wreck, but after six years in an Iraqi prison, he returns to active duty and a hero’s welcome.

However, both Doc and Lee are sharing a terrible secret about the incident. It seems that Doc was hot to shoot down a civilian Iraqi airliner, and Lee stopped him from doing it.

Now the two men are assigned to escort duty in Bosnia, but as Lee discovers, Doc blames him for his imprisonment and the destruction of his career. And now it’s payback time.





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