Tactical Assault

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Tactical Assault
Directed by Mark Griffiths
Produced by Jack L. Warner
Written by David Goldenr
Music by Arthur Kempel
Cinematography Blake T. Evans
Edited by Barry Zetlin
Release date
Country United States
Language English

Tactical Assault is a 1998 action/adventure film starring Rutger Hauer, Robert Patrick, Isabel Glasser and Dey Young. It was directed by Mark Griffiths and written by David Golden.[1]


Colonel Lee 'Tiger' Banning (Robert Patrick) and Captain John "Doc" Holiday (Rutger Hauer) are fighter pilots who got involved in a deadly shootout in the Iraqi no-fly zone in 1990. Doc intended on shooting down a commercial airliner, when Lee shoots Doc down.

Doc was captured, and Lee covered up his actions by reporting that Doc was shot down by an Iraqi Air Force fighter and Lee's missing missile was shot at the Iraqis but missed its target.

After Doc's release, the two men are assigned to NATO duty during the Bosnian War, but as the now famed Lee discovers, Doc blames him for his imprisonment and the destruction of his career, intending to destroy Lee's life.

Meanwhile, Lee's pregnant wife Jennifer goes to a replacement Doctor Liebermann, who is Doc in disguise.

An Air Force psychiatrist, Dr. Baxter, is assigned to Doc. Lee raises concerns about Doc's mental stability.

Doc continues to haunt Lee. He also disabled Lee's missiles during a crucial flight into enemy territory, causing the loss of a ground-attack aircraft. The two men have a fight, after which a distraught Lee came home and told his wife the truth.

Doc meanwhile strangles Baxter and kills Jennifer's bodyguard while she is at home, in an attempt to kill the Bannings. The Bannings escape on Lee's Jeep CJ and is chased by Doc in a T-72 tank, which Lee destroys using a RPG. However, Doc survives and joins Lee's combat flight the next day, disguised as Lee's wingman. He attacks Lee in the air and Jennifer in the NATO HQ. However, they both survived and Doc is successfully downed by Lee. In the final scene, Lee holds their newborn baby, General, while Jennifer takes a picture.





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