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OJSC Tactical Missiles [ Weapons ] Corporation or KTRV for short (Russian: ОАО «Корпорация «Тактическое ракетное вооружение», КТРВ, translit. Korporatsia Takticheskogo Raketnogo Vooruzheniya) is a major Russian weapon manufacturer. Headquarters in Korolyov, Moscow Oblast.

Founded on the basis of Zvezda-Strela by a Decree of Russian President №84, signed on January 24, 2002. Its structure was expanded by a subsequent Decrees №591 on May 9, 2004 and №930 on July 20, 2007.

Revenue - 28,4 bln rub, net income - 3 bln rub (2007).

General director - Boris Obnosov.



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