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Tactical pants are closely related to cargo pants, but with some technical modifications, and specially designed as everyday wear for EMTs, FBI and SWAT Team agents, law enforcement officers, and military and fire professionals.

Tactical pants were originally worn by mountain climbers, but now are made in several different styles. Tactical pants are typically are solid in color, distinguishing them from cargo pants[citation needed]. Made with lightweight materials (65% polyester and 35% poly cotton ripstop), the belt loops are made thick enough to support a large belt to carry the weight of a sidearm, handcuffs or other equipment. External knife pockets are common, and the double reinforced seat and knees provide enhanced abrasion protection, with interior knee slots ready to accept 6mm neoprene kneepads.

Various styles can be reinforced with bar-tacks, gussets, and certain brands are coated with Teflon.