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Tadepalli Satyanarayana Murty
Born1937 (age 80–81)
Alma materUniversity of Chicago
Scientific career
InstitutionsUniversity of Ottawa
ThesisThermal convection in vertical tubes with application to geophysical phenomena (1967)

Tad S. Murty (or Murthy) is an Indian-Canadian oceanographer and expert on tsunamis. He is the former president of the Tsunami Society. He is an adjunct professor in the departments of Civil Engineering and Earth Sciences[1] at the University of Ottawa.[2] Murty has a PhD degree in oceanography and meteorology from the University of Chicago. He is co-editor of the journal Natural Hazards[3] with Tom Beer of CSIRO and Vladimir Schenk of the Czech Republic.

Climate change[edit]

He has taken part in a review of the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Murty characterizes himself as a global warming skeptic. In an August 17, 2006 interview, he stated that "I started with a firm belief about global warming, until I started working on it myself...I switched to the other side in the early 1990s when Fisheries and Oceans Canada asked me to prepare a position paper and I started to look into the problem seriously.".[1] Murty has also stated that global warming is "the biggest scientific hoax being perpetrated on humanity. There is no global warming due to human anthropogenic activities."[4] Murty was among the sixty scientists from climate research and related disciplines who authored a 2006 open letter[5] to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper criticizing the Kyoto Protocol and the scientific basis of anthropogenic global warming.


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