Tadashi Maeda (admiral)

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Rear Admiral Tadashi Maeda
Tadashi Maeda
Born(1898-03-03)March 3, 1898
Kagoshima, Japan
DiedDecember 13, 1977(1977-12-13) (aged 79)

Rear Admiral Tadashi Maeda (前田 精, Maeda Tadashi, March 3, 1898 - December 13, 1977) was a high-ranking Imperial Japanese Navy officer during the Pacific War. Maeda played an important role in Indonesian independence; he met Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta at his house in Jakarta on August 16, 1945 and his house was used for drafting the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence.

After the declaration of Indonesian independence, Maeda was arrested along with his staff and imprisoned for failing to maintain the status quo. He was later tried by a Japanese military court, found not guilty, and was released in 1947. He left military life.[1]


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