Tadashi Mori

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Tadashi Mori
Born(1921-12-04)December 4, 1921
DiedMarch 4, 1987(1987-03-04) (aged 65)
Other names森 正
Occupationconductor, flautist

Tadashi Mori (森 正, Mori Tadashi, 14 December 1921—4 May 1987) was a Japanese conductor and flautist.


Tadashi Mori performed as flautist in his young days. He studied conducting from Hideo Saito, and started his career as conductor.

He was a music director and principal conductor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra in 1967–72, and permanent conductor of the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra in 1963–66.[1] In 1967, he became the first music director of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, and made base as profesional orchestra.