Tadashi Sasaki (banker)

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Tadashi Sasaki

Tadashi Sasaki (佐々木直, Sasaki Tadashi, 1907 – 1988) was a Japanese central banker and 22nd Governor of the Bank of Japan (BOJ).

Early life[edit]

Sasaki was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture.[1]


Sasaki was BOJ Governor from December 17, 1969 to December 16, 1974.[2] Immediately prior, he had been Deputy Governor.[3]

During Sasaki's tenure, BOJ became a shareholder of the Bank for International Settlements BIS); however, in 1970, the head of the Japanese central bank was not invited to become a member of the BIS Board of Directors.[4]

Japan experienced an unexpectedly high rate of economic growth in 1972. However, the country began to increase its focus on social welfare and quality of life which marked a significant change from Japan's policy of "economic growth first" in the years since the end of World War II. Inflationary pressures occurred as a result which Sasaki countered by forecasting tighter monetary policy in early 1973. [5]



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