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Tadashi Yoyogi
Born (1938-03-18) March 18, 1938 (age 78)
Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Film director
Years active 1972 –
Website http://www.athenaeizou.com/athena_diary/

Tadashi Yoyogi (代々木忠 Yoyogi Tadashi?) is a Japanese director of pink film and adult videos (AV). He is known as the "Father of Japanese Adult Video" and has been credited with establishing the model in his early work for many of the adult videos produced since.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Tadashi Yoyogi was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan on March 18, 1938. For a time he was a manager of an ikebana flower-arranging shop but then joined the pink film company World Eiga in 1963. He started directing first for the small Prima Project (Purima Kikaku) company and then with Watanabe Pro from 1974.[1] His first movie as a director was Memoirs of a Girl of Pleasure (ある少女の手記・快感) which appeared in 1972.[2] Yoyogi and other young directors were able to bring a new direction to pink film and soon established themselves next to the veteran directors.[3] The Japanese Movie Database entry for Yoyogi lists 9 films with Prima and another 26 with Watanabe Pro up to the beginning of 1981.[4]

By 1980 in Japan, market penetration of the VCR was only about 1% and the market for home videos was small but growing and a number of companies started up about this time to take advantage of the new opportunities.[5] Yoyogi directed his first adult video (AV) in November 1981 and soon afterwards founded his own company, Athena Eizou. That first video, April of Lust (淫欲のうずき Inyoku no Uzuki?), starred Kyōko Aizome, and it marked her debut in AV as well.[1][6] Aizome and Yoyogi would go on to collaborate on a number of other softcore and hardcore projects in the next few years including the August 1982 theatrical film Karei Naru ai no Henreki Aizome Kyōko directed by Yoyogi for Joy Pack Film as well as the March 1983 Joy Pack release Kyōko Aizome's Somber Reminiscence.[4][7]

Because the new medium of video was cheap and the equipment more portable, a new range of possibilities opened up to the AV director which Yoyogi was the first to take full advantage of.[8] He began his popular AV series Document: The Onanie in 1982, shot in the pseudo-documentary style with an interview with the actress that would become a major component in many subsequent adult videos.[9] The series used real sex and amateur performers to shed light on the "hidden sex life of Japan." When Onanie became a surprise success, investors started to move into the new media of adult video and a number of other companies were formed.[8]

Yoyogi produced the first of his "Onanie" (masturbation) series of theatrical films with The Onanie for the Million Film studio in November 1982. This was followed in April 1983 by Orgasm: The Climax (ONANIE2 ザ・クライマックス) and then in July 1983 by the sequel The Document: Orgasms (ザ・ドキュメント オーガズム), both released by Joy Pack.[4] The Weissers, in their book Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Sex Films describe Orgasm: The Climax as depicting masturbation by a prostitute, a model, a TV personality and a transsexual, and ask "But can it really be called a movie?."[10] In The Document: Orgasms, handheld camera technique is used to follow an extended S&M session designed to lead to "orgasmic delight."[11] A later entry in the series was Onanie 3: The Vibe (ONANIE3ザ・バイブ) from Million in October 1984.[4]

In the following years, Yoyogi directed a number of AV series for Athena Eizou including Secret Sexual Technique (性感極秘テクニック Sekan Gokuhi Tekunikku?), Psycho Hypnotic Ecstasy (サイコ催眠エクスタシー Saiko Saimin Ekusutashii?), Lewd Performance (いんらんパフォーマンス Inran Pafōmansu?), and especially his extended The Interview (ザ・面接 Za Mensetsu?) series[2] which was launched in 1993 and reached the 100th installment in December, 2008.[12] Yoyogi has continued directing at Athena Eizou where he maintains a weekly diary[13] and many of his early works are available for download.[14] Volume 108 of his The Interview series was released in April 2010.[15]

Yoyogi's activities have also attracted the attention of the world of academia. Masakazu Tanaka, professor and cultural anthropologist at Kyoto University gave a talk “Cult-Like Nature of the Activities of a Japanese Porn Director, Tadashi YOYOGI” before a panel at a conference on Gender and Spiritual Praxis in Asian Contexts, held in September 2006 at Lancaster University[16] and in February 2007, Yoyogi was the subject of a study by Tanaka titled Spiritual Eroticism in the Early Works of a Japanese Porn Director, Tadashi Yoyogi (癒しとイヤラシのポルノグラフィー : 代々木忠監督作品をめぐって?) published in the journal 人文學報 (Journal of Humanities).[17][18]

Selected filmography[edit]

Film title[19] Release date Studio Cast Notes

Theatrical films[edit]

Document: Terrible Young Teen Pornography
ドキュメントポルノ 恐るべきローティーン
Dokyumento Poruno Osoreru Beki Rōtiin
1973-04 Prima Kikaku 61 min.
Mystery Of a Woman's Body
セミドキュメント 女体の神秘
Semi dokyumento: Nyotai no Shinpi
1975-02 Watanabe Pro / Nikkatsu Jun Aoba, Saeko Komiyama & Akiko Kamihara 65 min.
Monzetsu Cabaret
セミドキュメント 悶絶キャバレー
Semi dokyumento: monzetsu kyabaree
1976-10-20 Watanabe Pro / Nikkatsu Timmy Sugimoto & Ayako Hoshi 70 min.

華麗なる愛の遍歴 愛染恭子
Karei Naru ai no Henreki Aizome Kyōko
1982-08-14 Joy Pack Kyōko Aizome & Masayoshi Nogami 90 min.
The Onanie
1982-11 Million Film 60 min.
Kyōko Aizome's Somber Reminiscence
愛染恭子 華麗なる追憶
Aizome Kyōko Kareinaru Tsuioku
1983-03-11 Joy Pack Kyōko Aizome, Masayoshi Nogami & Matsu Takada 90 min.
Orgasm: The Climax
ONANIE2 ザ・クライマックス
Onanie2 Za Kuraimakkusu
1983-04-22 Joy Pack Yuko Taki & Kaoru Noguchi 90 min.
The Document: Orgasms
ザ・ドキュメント オーガズム
Za Dokyumento Ōgazumu
1983-07-29 Joy Pack Mami Fujii & Keiko Tanaka 90 min.
Kyōko Aizome: The Survival
愛染恭子 ザ・サバイバル
Aizome Kyōko: Za Sabaibaru
1984-04 Million Film Kyōko Aizome, Makoto Narita & Azusa Nakayama 89 min.
Onanie 3: The Vibe
Onanie3 Za Baibu
1984-10 Million Film Ryōko Orimoto, Naomi Kashiwagi & Matsuhisa Takada 96 min.
The Eros
THE エロス
THE Erosu
1986-03 Million Film 85 min.
Traci Takes Tokyo 1986 Kyōko Aizome, Traci Lords & Don Fernando Co-directed with Steven Cartier
Video title[20] Release date Studio Cast Notes

Adult videos (AV)[edit]

April of Lust[6]
Inyoku no Uzuki
1981-11 Japan Video
Kyōko Aizome Debut AV
29 min.
New Document The Onanie Part 11: '81 Miss Nude World 3rd Place
ドキュメント 新ザ・オナニーPart11 ’81ミスヌード世界3位
1982-01-03 Athena Eizou
Chie Yamamiya 28 min.
Dizziness Kyoko Aizome
1982 Athena Eizou Kyōko Aizome
Secret Sexual Technique Part 1: Soaking Wet
性感極秘テクニック 1「ぐしょぐしょなの…」
1983 Athena Eizou / Mimizuku Video Pack
Kyōko Aizome
Secret Sexual Technique Part 4: Aa, Minaide...
1983 Athena Eizou / Mimizuku Video Pack
Takako Satō
New Secret Sexual Technique Part 4
新・性感極秘テクニックPART−4 もうべちょべちょ
1984-01-02 Athena Eizou
Hitomi Kobayakawa & Yūko Tamura
Secret Sexual Technique Special
1984 Athena Eizou
Kyōko Aizome
Psycho Hypnotic Ecstasy Part 1
サイコ催眠エクスタシー PART-1 驚異のマインド・オーガズム
1985 Athena Eizou
Kyōko Aizome
Sexy 4 Volume 2:
セクシー4 VOL.2 奥までムキムキ
1985-11-21 Athena Eizou
Mizue Morita, Miwa Yamaguchi, Miwako Sugihara & Keiko Takasaki
Sexy 4 Volume 8: Kokan DE Uinku
セクシー4 8 コカンDEウィンク
Athena Eizou
Chiyako Uemura, Hisako Ishigami, Erika Nishihara & Saki Yamashita
Sexual Massage Deluxe Edition
性感マッサージ 奥戯 豪華版
1986-10-15 Athena Eizou
Yukari Taguchi, Yoshimi Tachiki, Yoshiko Tachibana & Keiko Natsuki
Lewd Performance: Ginza Karikari Musume
いんらんパフォーマンス GINZAカリカリ娘
1987 Athena Eizou
Mariko Misaki & Aoi Sakita
Lewd Performance: Married Couple
いんらんパフォーマンス 夫婦
1987-07-15 Athena Eizou
Miki Kanou
Lewd Performance: Reverse Shooting
いんらんパフォーマンス 撮影現場裏表
1987-12-05 Athena Eizou
Mayumi Hoshino & Asami Yūki
Lewd Performance: Debauched Girls
いんらんパフォーマンス 淫科少女
1988-04-05 Athena Eizou
Makoto Yūki, Ayako Sakaguchi & Keiko Hayashi
Lewd Performance: Loss of Virginity Kana Kuromochi
いんらんパフォーマンス 処女喪失 倉持佳奈
1989-01-10 Athena Eizou
Kana Kuromochi
New Face Performance: Nurse Mayumi
新人パフォーマンス 看護婦 まゆみ
1989-07-05 Athena Eizou Directors

目かくしFUCK 林由美香驚愕!連続失神
Athena Eizou
Yumika Hayashi, Rie Takayama & Mako Natsuki
Horny Amateur Wife
素人発情地帯 奥さん、そんなとこまで 芳村りえ
1992-03-06 Athena Eizou
Rie Yoshimura
The Interview: Koitsua Jyohdamadaze!
ザ・面接 こいつぁ、上玉だぜ!
1993-07-11 Athena Eizou
Ayako Iwasaki, Maki Satō & Eriko Misaki
The Interview: Cry! Scream! Writhe in Agony!
ザ・面接 泣け!叫べ!悶えろ!
1993-09-11 Athena Eizou
Yuri Kamiyama & Jun Motogi
The Interview: Two Prisoners Together!
ザ・面接 二人まとめて犯ったるで!
1995-04-11 Athena Eizou
Reina Aoki & Erina Togawa
The Interview: 6 Nin No Okashi Ya To 7 Nin No Onna Tachi
ザ・面接 6人の犯し屋と7人の女たち
1997-12-11 Athena Eizou
The Interview: Yarō Domo Mesu To Musume To Hitoduma Ya!!
ザ・面接 野郎ども牝と娘と人妻や!!
1998-02-11 Athena Eizou
The Interview: Sengyō Shufu Kara Kaji Tetsudai Go Reijō Mo Ōhiraki Ashi!!
ザ・面接 専業主婦から家事手伝い御令嬢も大開脚!!
1998-08-11 Athena Eizou
Norika Kajihara, Manami Moriyama, Saori Mochizuki, Yuki Motomiya, Marie Yūki & Satomi Fujii
The Interview: Onna No Honshō Dai Mankai!!
ザ・面接 女の本性大満開!!
1998-12-11 Athena Eizou
Mika Machida, Aya Takanashi & Idumi Kanda
The Interview: Gōka Inran - Shiru Dashi Dai Pafoomansu!
ザ・面接 豪華淫乱・汁出し大パフォーマンス!
1999-04-11 Athena Eizou
Eriko Sawamoto, Hitomi Takaoka, Miharu Higuchi, Yū Imori & Rika Kawahara


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