Tadayoshi Okura

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Tadayoshi Okura
大倉 忠義
Born (1985-05-16) May 16, 1985 (age 34)
OriginHigashiōsaka, Osaka, Japan
Years active1997–present
Associated actsKanjani Eight

Tadayoshi Okura (大倉 忠義, Ōkura Tadayoshi, born May 16, 1985) is a Japanese idol, singer, actor, voice actor and radio host.[1] He is also a member and the drummer of Japanese male idol group Kanjani Eight, which is under the management of Johnny & Associates. His image color in the group is green.


He respects Go Morita from V6, he is the reason that Okura joined Johnny & Associates.

Tadayoshi Okura had been chosen to be a part of V West (a Johnny's Jr. group) before its formation. His interest being in dancing and thinking that an instrument would tie him down, he declined the position, a move he would later regret. He was a member of Johnny's unit MAO for a while. Later, he got a second chance when Johnny Kitagawa wanted an eighth member to form Kanjani8 who could also be the drummer for V West.Yasuda Shota told Johnny that since Okura could dance well, he'll be able to play drums. Not knowing how to drum but eager to try, Okura began intensive lessons a month prior to the formation of Kanjani Eight. He had his first solo concert in 2008. He is also active in TV dramas, playing a few major roles such as Yasuko to Kenji, Hissatsu Shigotonin, ROMES and GM Odore Doctor. In 2010, he appeared in movie for first time' playing the role of sword man Tsuruoka in Ooku. Besides, he is a hardcore fan of Mr.Children.



  • 2000: Kowaii Nichiyoubi 2000
  • 2006: Cinderella ni Naritai! as Ken Narumizaka/Bon Kuramochi (lead role)
  • 2006: Gekidan Engimono: Intelligence as Hajime (lead role)
  • 2007: Hissatsu Shigotonin 2007 as Genta
  • 2007: Utahime as Jinguji-kun (James)
  • 2008: Yasuko to Kenji as Jun Tsubaki
  • 2009: Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 as Genta
  • 2009: Romes as Yūya Narushima (lead role)
  • 2010: Gm: Odore Doctor as Kensuke Motoki
  • 2011: Umareru as Hayashida Taichi
  • 2012: Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri as Ishizu Ryohei
  • 2012: papadol! as himself
  • 2013: Otenki Onee-san as Detective Gota Aoki (lead role)
  • 2014: Dr.Dmat: Gareki no Shita no Hippocrates as Hibiki Yakumo (lead role)[2]
  • 2014: Hana-chan no Misoshiru as Shingo Yasutake (lead role)[3]
  • 2015: Do S Deka as Shūsuke Daikanyama[4]
  • 2018: The Count of Monte Cristo as Yukio Nanjo


Music Film[edit]

  • 2010: 8Uppers as Johnny


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