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Taddiport viewed from Great Torrington in 1890.

Taddiport is a hamlet in North Devon, England, near Great Torrington. The name is believed to derive from toad, a place where toads were found. In the Middle Ages it was a leper colony. A field system next to the hamlet is still divided up as for the medieval strip system of farming. During the years of operation of the Rolle Canal the canal had a quay across the river Torridge from Taddiport.[1] Taddiport appears on the early 15th century Evesham world map; its inclusion has led many to believe that the map-maker hailed from the small hamlet.


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Coordinates: 50°56′50″N 4°09′12″W / 50.9472°N 4.1534°W / 50.9472; -4.1534